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About RawGround 2024

: The Movement of Space

RawGround is a 10-day hybrid event featuring six artists presenting twelve films. It explores urban life’s rush and how we hold onto ourselves. Our memories and senses become guides, leading us through this exciting adventure. As we ponder the beauty of life, RawGround stands as a platform for transformation. Through film screenings, artist talks, and workshops, it sparks conversations among those often unheard, fostering a communion of thoughts and perspectives.

Artistic Director's Message

Welcome to RawGround 2024, where digital and physical realms converge to offer a unique, immersive experience. This year’s theme, ‘Breathing: The Movement of Space’, explores the profound significance of breath as a universal human experience. In the delicate tapestry of existence, breath symbolises life’s journey, the passage of time, and the intricate dance between individuals and their environments, reminding us of our shared relationship that transcends culture and circumstance.

This season, six accomplished artists have woven their diverse talents into this theme. They are not just creators; they are storytellers and explorers, encouraging you to look beneath the surface and reflect the deeper questions that unite us all.

Andy Lee's work immerses itself in the aftermath of the 2023 Hong Kong challenges, earnestly seeking equilibrium amidst societal upheaval and ever-shifting urban landscapes. Through the cinematic narratives of "Labyrinth" and "Minotaur," masterfully brought to life by the collaboration of RJ Thomson and Dudendance, they offer an interesting reinterpretation of the Minotaur myth, seeking the interplay of geography, geology, and the Anthropocene in the context of human existence. Junhong McIntosh-Lee, a Canadian musician and audio artist, examines the impact of TikTok's video stream on his own breathing. Contrasting this digital domain with an outdoor experiment, he reveals the intriguing links between tonal variations and the physical and emotional effects of contemporary urban living.

In a different dimension, other artists embark on journeys exploring the complex interaction between transformation and identity, navigating the ever-changing landscapes of breath and metamorphosis.

Performance-maker Matthew Goh's examination of life's perpetual transformation, through the philosophical Suminagashi technique and the symbolism of breath, results in a poetic narrative that invites reflection on memory and the transient essence of continuation, infusing the creative process with renewed vigour and depth. Artist and researcher Paul Gong explores the abstract notion of the ‘sixth sense’, forging forces that transcend the boundaries of the physical world. In his films, "The Proust Moment" and "The Puzzle”, he employs olfactory masks to heighten sensory experiences, unraveling the abstruse exchange between the senses in human connections. Meanwhile, contemporary choreographer Jenni Large undertakes a bold reimagining of Dracula as a female character, effectively challenging gender norms in her films “Reap the Day” and “Night Wrath”. These pieces explore the significance of a ‘final breath’ and empowerment through soundscapes, sparking deep reflection on transformation and identity in art.

RawGround invites you to delve into the deep links between breathing and the spaces we inhabit, both within and around us. It’s a journey that widens your perspective and encourages reflection on the core of human existence.

Take a deep breath and join us on this exceptional expedition as we discover the extraordinary within the ordinary.

— Ricky Sim, RAW Moves

About RAW Moves

Established in 2011, RAW Moves is a contemporary dance company, which focuses its establishment, connection and direction of work with the spirit of inquiry.

Redefining Movement
RAW Moves, is deeply committed to embracing contemporary dance philosophies that recognise the human body as an abundant wellspring of movement possibilities. Our approach extends beyond the mere external expression of inner emotions through motion; it embodies a deliberate avoidance of superfluous elements that might distract from our core research inquiries. Although our primary aim is not to create a unique signature movement style, our unwavering dedication lies in the thoughtful and selective application of dance and movement technique and knowledge.

RAW Moves Ltd is a recipient of the National Arts Council’s Major Company Scheme for the period from 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2025.

For more information, please visit Follow us on Instagram @rawmovessg and on Facebook RAW Moves

About Dramaturg

Dr Nidya Shanthini Manokara (PhD NUS) is a dance researcher - practitioner. Trained in Bharatanatyam, her academic research interests include evolving Asian performance practices and their affective registers.

She has taught a range of courses at NUS, NTU and LASALLE College of the Arts. She has completed a Dramaturgy Apprenticeship with Centre 42.

Shanthini is also an External Assessor for dance with National Arts Council.  

Fascinated by diverse approaches to performance making in the region, Shanthini aspires to inculcate a culture of discursive conversations about dance processes (of dancing and dance-making) that would strengthen professional ties between choreographers, dancers and audiences.

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