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The Movement of Space

Much like breathing, we are often unconscious of how central our sense of space is to our everyday experiences, as we form habitual ways of relating ourselves to our surroundings. In neglecting or overlooking our own spatial awareness, we may not realise how our spaces can be shaped for ideological ends to structure our lives.

Yet this does not mean that we are completely bound and controlled by them. Given the urban and cosmopolitan settings we live in, our experience of multiple interpersonal, institutional, and industrial forces that frame and limit our movements can leave us with a sense of unease, calling for greater awareness and attention to our presence.

RawGround 2024: A vignette of twelve films, a ten-day hybrid event showcasing the work of six local and international artists, where films, talks, and workshops spark conversations, weaving diverse voices into a vibrant tapestry.

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Andy Lee (Hong Kong) • Junhong McIntosh-Lee (Canada) • RJ Thomson & Dudendance (Singapore/U.K.) • Paul Gong (Taiwan) • Matthew Goh (Singapore) • Jenni Large (Australia)

What to expect

Physical Experience



Join us for a captivating 3-Day art-filled event, where this year’s artists will debut their films and share insight into their creative processes and artistic practice.

3 Days

1 Film Premiere*

6 in-person artist sessions

*Includes in-house refreshments

26 Jan



28 Jan



$18, $25


Various Locations

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Digital Experience



Can’t attend in-person? Then join us in the digital iteration of RawGround 2024. Our website will feature all of this year’s films and also past editions of RawGround.

7 Days

Watch Anytime

Available to everyone, from anywhere in the world

29 Jan



4 Feb






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